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Brice McBeth, author of “Salon Chairs Don’t Sell Themselves,” is founder and CEO of e-commerce firm, Standish Salon Goods, and Reap Marketing, which specializes in conversion optimization. Brice started his career at IBM as the product manager for one of the world’s first web analytics tools that eventually became Coremetrics. In his client engagements, Brice realized there was a need for an agency that specialized in conversion rate optimization. He wrote about the journey in his book, "Salon Chairs Don’t Sell Themselves" and eventually created Idea Funnel™, a personalized newsletter program designed to help business owners discover their next conversion breakthrough.
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3 Pitfalls for Entrepreneurs to Avoid When Starting Up

Being an entrepreneur takes a special kind of person; someone with drive, intelligence and thick skin. After launching my e-commerce startup, I learned some important takeaways to share with other aspiring business owners. Below are three of the pitfalls that I've encountered myself, why to avoid them and how to overcome them. Pitfall #1: Waiting...