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Cameron Smith is a Sr. Director of Chronic Care Transformation at CVS Health, leading initiatives to improve health for people with chronic disease and reduce the cost of healthcare. On the side, Cam is co-founder of Fastwell, LLC, a company dedicated to making smartly designed products to support intermittent fasting. Throughout his 15 year career, Cam has worked with world-class corporations and high-impact startups with experience at Bain & Company, CEO and board member of Covaron Advanced Materials, and Walmart, Inc. Cam has an MBA/MS degree from University of Michigan and BA from Brigham Young University.
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5 Lessons This Entrepreneur Learned Building a Side Hustle

Like many entrepreneurs, I knew I wanted to run my own company from early on. I received an MBA, then spent several years in management consulting, which helped me learn how top executives think, what works in strategy and how to run a business. I planned to use this experience to seize future entrepreneurship opportunities,...