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As a successful entrepreneur and CEO of Cheryl C Perez Brands, Cheryl “CP” Perez boasts over 20 years of experience in building businesses, business coaching, entrepreneur training and public speaking expertise. Cheryl possesses a uniquely qualified insider view of what makes an organization and its leaders truly succeed. She has personally taken each and every step along the road to success and her passion is to share that road map with other entrepreneurs who want to start and grow a business so they can live a life of freedom that they love and share their passions with the world.
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6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Dream Business

Our name is usually the first thing we tell someone about ourselves, and the first thing we ask of others in return. We wear our names on jewelry, our license plates, and on name tags at meetings and events; it’s how we tell the world who we are. It works, too: just hearing someone’s name...