Dan Drechsel

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Dan Drechsel is the Chief Executive Officer of FTRANS, an Atlanta-based provider of accounts receivable and credit management solutions. He also serves on FTRANS' Board of Directors.
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B2B Businesses Need a Customer Credit Model

Since the 1920s, credit cards have enabled merchants and consumers to conduct critical business transactions that benefit both parties – merchants receive risk-free, real-time payment on sales, and consumers are allowed several weeks to complete payment on purchases. This form of business-to-consumer (B2C) credit has largely contributed to the formation and success of the world’s...
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Protecting Your Business from Bankrupt Customers

It’s clear that almost one year after the economic meltdown, America is still recovering. However, by many accounts, the economy is bottoming out - making now the time to reflect on lessons learned from the economic crisis that will serve to better prepare business owners should they find themselves in this situation again. One extremely...