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Daniel is a writer in the startup industry, covering mostly startups in finance and wellness, currently based in the UK.
return to the office
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Will 2021 See a Return to the Office?

Sponsored content As 2020 wraps up and we begin to look forward to 2021, there is hope on the horizon. While COVID-19 still looms, there is an argument that companies could return to the office in the coming year. If you plan to get back to the office in 2021, you will need to take...
payday loans
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These Startup Founders Urge Consumers to Avoid High-Cost Payday Loans

Sponsored content The COVID-19 pandemic has left many Americans in financial hardship, and with the holidays just around the corner, some individuals may consider turning to payday loans. While using payday loans and other expensive forms of credit may be tempting, doing so can lead to more serious financial problems, one startup founder explains. “The...
SEC Compliance
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Compliance Firm Launches E-Learning Courses for SEC Compliance

Sponsored content Compliance firm RQC Group has launched e-learning training courses to help users learn about SEC compliance, or the rules and regulations that the Securities and Exchange Commission makes and enforces. These courses have been designed specifically to make learning about SEC compliance as straightforward and easy to understand as possible, with each course...
Bridging Finance
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How Bridging Finance Works for Businesses

Sponsored content There can be confusion around the terms “bridging loan” and “bridging finance” among people and businesses exploring their funding options. Bridging finance can be a great means of support to your business, and is worth exploring if you need to secure a temporary means of finance. Bridging finance typically comes in the form...
forces compare
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Veteran Launches Price Comparison Website to Help Soldiers Save Money

Sponsored content Veteran Alfie Usher recently launched a new price comparison website specifically designed to help those who serve in the Armed Forces get the best deals on insurance and financial options possible. Usher, founder of Forces Compare, has served in Afghanistan twice, and has been under the Parachute Regime for nearly a decade. Forces...
calming blankets
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This Startup Promises to Reduce Stress and Provide Better Sleep

Sponsored content There is a new product taking nap time to a new level, and it's the weighted blanket. Available in a range of colors, the heavy-duty blanket is fast becoming the must-have household accessory for bedtime and downtime, and is part of the U.S.'s new wave of sleep startups. Calming Blankets While still a...
salary finance
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This Startup’s Innovative Platform Can Help Solve Your Finance Problems

Sponsored content The high-cost short term (HCST) lending industry has come under much scrutiny within recent years, as many have found to charge interest rates exceeding 1,000 percent. In response to these unmanageable rates, there have been major regulatory crackdowns to help restrict these infamous lending giants. In the U.K., for example, the Financial Conduct...
Start a loans company
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How to Start a Loans Company

Running a loans company can be one of the most exciting businesses. As banks become more strict with lending over the years, there has been a huge increase in demand for alternative lenders, allowing new startups and lenders to emerge. This guide explains the essentials for how to start a loans company. Decide what loans and services...