Dave Cortez

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Dave Cortez is Social Media Coordinator at GreatCall, a company that creates cell phones for seniors that are easy to use for emergency situations. GreatCall offers convenient health and medical apps that help people track their daily medication needs. The “Jitterbug” is their most popular cell phone made specifically for seniors. In addition, GreatCall offers the “5Star Urgent Response” device that allows you to speak immediately to Certified Response Agents, at the touch of a button. Using a GPS tracker and advanced location analysis, 5Star Agents will quickly identify your location, evaluate the situation and get you the assistance you need.
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Serving the Massive Baby Boomer Market

There are around 75 million baby boomers in the US that are at or close to retirement age. They represent around $3.2 trillion in annual spending power. Talk about a HUGE market! In looking closer...