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Dave Johnson is Social Media Coordinator at The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. The   Palms offers luxurious hotel rooms and suites and a multitude of casino gaming options such as table games, slots and poker. The resort has multiple types of accommodation from elegant guest rooms   all the way to penthouse suites that are the definition of true   opulence. The Palms Hotel also provides a wide range of exciting experiences,   including both casual and high-end dining, a vibrant nightlife and   entertainment. Unwind at the pools and the spa, or take advantage of the   fun shopping options available onsite, and much more
travel mistakes
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Travel Mistakes: 7 Costly Trip Tips for Small Businesses

Your small business has to be efficient if it’s going to  stay competitive in today’s marketplace. That means you carefully plan every  expenditure, cutting corners where you can without sacrificing quality. Yet, there are some necessary expenses that can be a  significant financial burden on your small business. Travel tends to fall into  that category....