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David Baird is the founder and CEO of Gigmor, a live music marketplace that connects independent musicians and bands with talent seekers. Prior to Gigmor, David was the head of AOL's e-commerce group, where he was responsible for its growth to over $1 billion in annual revenue. He was also previously founder of a digital agency, Troubadour Digital Media. As a passionate and lifelong musician, he's now using his expertise to fix the fragmentation and inefficiency of the live music business.
millennial entrepreneurs
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6 Tips Millennial Entrepreneurs Need to Hear Again and Again

Millennial entrepreneurs or “millennipreneurs” face a unique set of obstacles. They graduated college during or shortly after the great recession when professional opportunities were scarce and less than promising. To top it off, the cost of living and student loan debt continue to rise while incomes stay stagnant; making it harder than ever to build...