David Pereira

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David Pereira is a forward-thinking entrepreneur in the transportation and logistics industry. He is founder of Trinity Logistics USA, Inc., a global freight forwarding and services network based in New York. Trinity Logistics has been recognized four times in the “Top 40 Who’s Who in Airfreight Forwarding” by Inbound Logistics, and as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America by Inc 5000. In 2017, David Pereira was honored as a Long Island SmartCEO Future 50 award winner.
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The Power of a Can-Do Attitude: Why Smart CEOs Always Say Yes

If you want to disrupt your industry, you need to adopt a mentality that distinguishes you from other leaders. When everyone else is saying no, you should always say yes. “Yes” seems like an innocuous word, but it’s one that many entrepreneurs and CEOs are so reluctant to say. “Yes” is a verbal agreement; one...