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Daymion Phelps is the vice president of Business Development for, providing automation solutions and consulting services to retailers in every stage, from startup to enterprise. Daymion has a background in apparel retail, and has provided point of sale sales, consulting and implementation services to leading multi-commerce retailers for over 15 years. With a POS sales and consulting career that has spanned from NCR to Microsoft Retail solutions, Daymion brings an experienced perspective to retailers’ objectives as they grow their business, extend their customer reach and explore new channels.
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How New Generation Point of Sale Systems Can Help Retain Customers

If your startup plans include a brick and mortar store, no doubt the selection of a point of sale (POS) system is on the list of purchases before you open your doors. Today’s entrepreneur, however, has more to consider outside of the traditional in-store POS system. Recent technology allows point of sale systems to not...