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Demi is a Digital Marketing Specialist for one of the UK’s leading SMS business communication services, TextAnywhere. She started her career in an event agency and benefits from experience across the marketing mix and in both B2C and B2B. Over the past couple of years, Demi has been driven to focus more on brand, concentrating on a customer-first approach to campaign creation and implementation. Today, Demi works in the telecommunications industry, helping clients realize the full potential of SMS and bridge the gap between brands and their customers. Most recently, she was the driving force behind the TextAnywhere brand refresh and is proud to work for a company whose client community, includes over 300 charity and non-for-profit organizations.
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5 Tips for Creating a Customer Communication Strategy During a Crisis

With companies worldwide striving to return to "business as usual," experts claim that marketing will be an essential part of recovery. But, as we know, the crisis has and continues to affect some industries far more than others. Businesses deemed “essential” are struggling to meet demand, while 65 percent of retailers have noticed a decrease in...