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Derek Miller is a content marketing consultant for CopyPress. CopyPress is a leading digital content production company, specializing in articles, infographics, interactives and videos.
social media
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7 Business Influencers to Follow on Social Media in 2020

Launching a successful startup takes a lot of work, and learning how to navigate the waters of entrepreneurship can be difficult — especially if it's your first business. As such, it can be wise for aspiring entrepreneurs to seek help and mentorship from others who have already built successful businesses. While it's not always possible to...
internal communications
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How to Develop an Internal Communications Plan to Avoid Pitfalls

Internal communication is one of the biggest challenges facing startups today. Between department silos, lack of accountability, data dumps and channel overload, it’s not surprising that communication gaps arise within departments. Fortunately, a strategic internal communications plan can help you avoid some of the common pitfalls. Why you need to create an internal communications plan Every...
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What to Do When Your Startup’s Crowdfunding Campaign Fails

Did you try but fail to raise money through crowdfunding? While crowdfunding is a great idea in theory, in execution, only 35 percent of Kickstarter projects earn the requested amount of money. If your campaign is unsuccessful the first time around, you still have plenty of great options to raise the money that your startup...
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The 10-Day Plan for Launching an E-Commerce Startup

Successfully growing an e-commerce business requires careful consideration and due diligence. There’s obviously a lot of work that goes into planning and formulating an e-commerce business, but the real hustle comes when you’re ready to launch and start selling. The most important work comes between the time it takes you to buy a domain and...
Technology trends
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Technology Trends That Can Impact Your Startup in 2017

Technology knows no boundaries. Its reach extends into every industry and all business operations. Accepting that fact isn’t enough, as successful businesses also find ways to use technology to resolve inefficiencies and improve business processes. As a startup, you should make a point to find opportunities to leverage technology trends when appropriate. Below are four key...