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David A. Hiatt is director of franchise development and director of leadership for Organizational Excellence, at Sandler Systems, Inc. He is the author of "From The Board Room To The Living Room: Communicate With Skill For Positive Outcomes." He wrote "Yes, You Can Take a Day Off" with Susan Hance Sykes, a nationally recognized sales and management performer in the technology sector. She supports business leaders by sharing firsthand experience in hiring, developing, and managing sales teams, growing market share, and setting business-acquisition plans. Susan can be reached at [email protected]
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Propel Your Business Forward by Avoiding These Entrepreneurial Traps

This excerpt is adapted from "Yes, You Can Take a Day Off: Escape the Nine Traps of Growing Your Small Business" by David A. Hiatt and Susan Hance Sykes. Copyright 2021 Sandler Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.  Sandler and Sandler Training are registered service marks of Sandler Systems, Inc.   The nine entrepreneurial traps Let’s...