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Erik Bergman is a co-founder of Catena Media, a company that went from zero to 300 plus employees in five years. Under this journey, Erik made more money than he will ever need in his life, but at the expense of burning himself out, as well as his both business partner and his fiancee that also worked in the company. Now he has started the company This time the focus isn't extreme growth but rather well being, transparency, trust and flexibility for the team and where 100 percent of the profits will be donated to help the environment. He is also passionate about teaching business and entrepreneurship and shares daily on Instagram, Twitter and his podcast "Becoming"
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How Entrepreneurs Can Overcome the Fear of Failing

Fear comes in many shapes and sizes. It can affect all areas of our lives, including business; and one of the most common business fears is failing. In fact, Statista reports that as many as 35.2 percent of U.S. entrepreneurs experience the fear of failure. As you can imagine, this fear of failing prevents many...