Ford Seeman

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In the summer after Ford’s junior year in college, his mother, Helene Seeman, was hit and killed by a drunk driver. This turned his whole world upside down. After drifting through a few different industries, Ford’s daughter was born in 2016. Ford returned to the lessons he learned from his mother and dedicated himself to a life of giving back. He founded Forest Founders, a 501c3 dedicated to creating easy ways to negate carbon footprints, and Righteous Causes Inc., an innovator Incubator that helps budding entrepreneurs connect with and afford a suite of services including legal, marketing, accounting, website development and business coaching.
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Embrace Your Bold Ideas: 3 Tips for Securing Investment During the Pandemic

Entrepreneurs are still the future of the economy. Entrepreneurs push innovation forward and find ways to solve the unique problems presented by COVID-19. Encouraging entrepreneurship requires investment capital and acquiring capital means investors must be willing to find opportunities during these uncertain times. Recent history shows it’s possible for investors to find great investments during...