Francisco Serrano

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Francisco Serrano is a skilled branding specialist with over 28 of experience in mid-to-large-sized organizations, both national and international. He has worked primarily in corporate and product development, brand strategy and brand architecture, packaging and POS design, as well as in video and web development. Currently, Francisco is the Speed Chief Officer (otherwise referred to as CEO) at 121, a branding powerhouse with offices in the USA and Mexico. Under his leadership, 121 has created a disruptive branding model based on SPEED, becoming the go-to day-to-day branding partner for Fortune 500 companies like Reckitt Benckiser, Hershey’s and Audible, to name a few. As a team leader, team player, and as an entrepreneur; and by sharing his passion and fervor for branding through SPEED, Francisco has become a reference in the industry.
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How to Make Your Business Disruptive with Speed and Efficiency

As children, we are told we need to dream big, make the world a better place, solve a problem. If, like me, you are an entrepreneur, you took these speeches from teachers or parents to heart and have been looking for problems to solve ever since. Fast forward to present day, and you’ve narrowed all...