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Giuseppe Salamone is a co-founder of VaroTeam, a fast-growing accounting, bookkeeping and CFO startup. At 24, he became a Finance Supervisor for JP Morgan Chase, responsible for various multi-million dollar projects. He later worked as Financial Controller for a $65 million dollar healthcare non-profit before beginning his entrepreneurial journey in 2017 when he founded Say Bookkeeping, initially serving just two clients as a solo practitioner before scaling to serve hundreds of clients nationwide within 18 months.
financial health
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7 Tips Every Startup Should Follow to Maintain Financial Health

Nothing spells disaster for a startup like poor financial health. Whatever the industry, however great the idea, if the numbers just don’t add up, there will be little recourse to get things back on track. Even if a business is still above water, any uncertainty over the numbers can destroy investor confidence and jeopardize strategic...
Black Women-Owned businesses
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Grant Program Announced for Black Women-Owned Businesses in Detroit (and How to Maximize Your Chances of Securing Relief)

Small businesses make up an astounding 99.6% of Michigan businesses and 49% of the state’s employees—that’s 1.9 million people. Since the onset of the pandemic, these businesses have been forced to endure a tumultuous journey that has meant drastic budget cuts, layoffs and a complete strategy pivot. However, businesses haven’t had to face this crisis...