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Heather Nolte is a mom entrepreneur and the founder of Glamajama.com, a lifestyle clothing company that creates glam-studded clothes for women, toddlers and babies. To read more of Heather's advice, visit her blog.
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Empowering the Next Generation of Mom Entrepreneurs

The best gifts we receive from our mothers aren’t wrapped with pretty red bows. Instead, they are life lessons that shape our sense of purpose, nurture our ambitions, and encourage us to revel in our accomplishments. We carry these lessons with us as we travel through college, develop first relationships, and search for our life’s...
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A Defining Time for Mom Entrepreneurs

As 2009 begins, I believe these will be defining times for many Mom Entrepreneurs. With the economy struggling, many families are facing hardships that threaten their financial stability and peace of mind. If you are one of the over 10 million moms in the US that own a business, you have seen these hardships take...