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Holly Ashby is a writer and content creator who's interested in social media, marketing and corporate wellbeing. She is particularly focused on helping startups and small businesses define their brand, social media and influencer marketing strategies, such as the young and rapidly growing business Will Williams Meditation, where she has been part of the team for two years. She is also currently working with Lemuel MC, creating a distinctive brand and tone of voice.
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How Entrepreneurs Can Find Their Competitive Spark

After creating a startup, it can take time and thought to find your place in the market. Outdoing the competition is a key part of being successful in business, but not everyone is driven by that competitive spark. With so much of a business reflecting the individual personalities of those who run it, this can...
Influencer marketing
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Influencer Marketing: 5 Steps for Growing Your Startup

Before the growth of the internet, influencer marketing wasn’t a viable option for the vast majority of businesses. While major brands had the reputation and budget to turn celebrities into brand ambassadors, cash strapped startups simply didn’t have this option. This has all changed with the advent of social media, and influencers aren’t reserved to...