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James is the CEO and founder of Thin Air Energy and has been a serial entrepreneur for more than 40 years. He grew his first company, Newer Tech, to more than $60 million in revenue while competing against Apple; then built WiebeTech within the emerging market of computer forensics and exiting profitably; and more recently, Chipper Aerospace was on the rise and profitable when destroyed by a fire. James has created IP in the computer hardware, data storage, aerospace and computer forensic markets. His market direction and designs are the result of insightful product development and consequent feedback from customers.
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3 Ways I Shifted My Startup Strategy During the Pandemic

This unprecedented period in our collective history is trying all of us in innumerable ways. Startups certainly haven’t been spared, and as the founder and CEO of one, I’ve dealt with my share of fear. Since the onset of the pandemic, I’ve been confronted by a series of panicked questions regarding my business, Thin Air...