Janet Ashforth

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Janet Ashforth is a writer and a serial entrepreneur who has owned several successful businesses. She’s experienced entrepreneurial failure, as well. Janet writes about a variety of subjects and has written for companies and experts who specialize in business financing. Janet writes about business to help small business owners avoid the pitfalls of small business ownership and enjoy increased success. She also raises chickens and makes sourdough bread.
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So, You’ve Got an Incredible Invention… Now What?

It's taken weeks, months, maybe even years to conceptualize and perfect your extraordinary invention. You know it's a game-changer. Your creation is ready for the world, and you can't wait to unleash it. So, now what? The creative process is one thing; the business side is an entirely different animal. Don't worry. As an entrepreneur,...
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5 Realistic Ways to Fund Your New Business Venture

Most small business owners run into cash flow issues at some point in their entrepreneurial journey. It's a valid source of concern. Cash flow and lack of funding are primary reasons small businesses fail. And it may be the leading cause of your entrepreneurial angst.  If you're a first-time entrepreneur, some of the most recommended...