Jason Kruger

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Jason has more than 16 years of accounting and finance experience in both public and private industry accounting. Since 2008, Jason has acted as the CFO for many of Signature Analytics’ clients, providing them with the financial analysis they need to grow their business and make more data driven decisions. He has direct experience with many complex accounting and financial issues within a variety of companies and industries, including software, technology, biotech, manufacturing, food/beverage, apparel, construction and advertising.
Tax deductions
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Tax Deductions To Take Advantage of this Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, many company employees are looking forward to being able to kick back and have some fun at the annual holiday party. Yet the savvy entrepreneur knows that once the holidays are over, tax season is right around the corner — and there are plenty of areas where a company...
Cash flow
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A Positive Way to Approach Startup Cash Flow Downturn

Every business goes through cycles. For instance, the retail industry knows to expect increased business and cash flow during the holiday season in the fourth quarter. Florists and jewelers gear up for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. In cold weather and rainy regions, construction increases during spring and summer, with winter being a slow period. Accountants...
Sales commissions
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The Pros and Cons of Sales Commissions

Compensation for most employees is a fairly straightforward process. Finding the best compensation plan for sales employees is a bit trickier. Your company's sales department is one of the most important parts of the organization. After all, sales representatives are the ones bringing in the money and new customers. Finding the right sales compensation plan...
Accounting Innovation
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4 Ways Accounting Innovation Benefits Business Owners

As technology advances, so do the advantages for business owners. From screen sharing on conference calls to accessing emails on an iPad while in flight, it’s a great time to run a business from anywhere. The freedom of movement has made it possible for business owners to come out from behind their desks and get...