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Now a full-time freelancer, Jason Montoya originally moved to Atlanta in 2005 with his wife. He attempted to make an animated feature film, launched a political news website, graduated in 2008 from the Art Institute Of Atlanta, and owned a marketing agency for seven years. Jason lives in Atlanta with his wife and four children and is dedicated to helping freelancers flourish.
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Why This Solopreneur Chose Freelancing Over Expanding His Business

As a service-providing business, freelancing is a powerful way to position yourself for building a strong company. But, I did it in the reverse order: first launching a marketing firm and then freelancing after shutting it down in 2014. My new model flips it around. Not being interested in building another marketing company has quickly illuminated how...
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How to Move Forward When Your Startup Lacks Clear Vision

Those of us who've been in the business world for some time know what it's like to lead without a clear vision. It can be challenging to lead a team or follow a leader when we don't know exactly where we're going. It's in these moments we can lean on fundamental business practices and strategies...