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Jeff Shavitz is the founder and CEO of TrafficJamming, a virtual membership group for independent business owners and entrepreneurs that provides resources to help them grow their companies. Shavitz was an investment banker at Lehman Brothers in the 1980s and later started and sold three businesses. He is the author of four books, including the number one Amazon best-seller, "Size Doesn’t Matter – Why Small Business is BIG Business." Jeff graduated from Tufts University and spent one semester at the London School of Economics and a member of the Miami Chapter of Young Presidents’ Organization. Contact Jeff at [email protected] or 800-878-4100.
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Recruiting Better Salespeople in 9 Easy Steps

Many CEOs and sales managers say great salespeople are impossible to find, but some organizations consistently hire them anyway. It's why they increase their top-line revenue year after year: by recruiting the best of the best to work for them. Recruiting is the most important aspect to make your startup grow and hit new profitability benchmarks, so...
Productivity tips
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5 Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

Most entrepreneurs want and need things to happen now. Whether you started your own company, are employed as a hired gun to run a company or serve as the CEO of a private or public company, human beings want to be productive. Having a productive day feels good. Productivity equals results and in the business context, should...
Fulfilling life
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Learning, Earning and Returning: The 3 Stages of a Fulfilling Life

I attend many networking meetings, frequent educational seminars and conferences. I am a member of the Miami Young Presidents Organization and other business groups which promote business learning and networking. With 30 years of the above experience, just last week I attended a conference and heard an expression which will have an everlasting impact on my...
Sales tips
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5 Asking and Closing Sales Tips for Entrepreneurs

Meet my dog Teddy. Dogs are said to be man’s best friend and in addition to companionship, we can also learn a lot from our four-legged friends. I’m not sure of your pets, but mine cannot speak proper English to ask for water when he is thirsty; however “actions speak louder than words” and by...