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Jim Barnish is co-founder and general partner of Morgan Hill Partners, an innovative management consulting partner that helps startups to scale-up technology and tech-enabled clients innovate and grow, delivering the right executive expertise and strategic playbook for the right outcomes. Jim's 15 plus years of experience as a strategic change leader in global and integrated operations, sales and marketing uniquely qualifies him to lead Morgan Hill Partners associate operations and affiliate partnerships. Over the course of Jim’s career, he has successfully worked with companies undergoing accelerated business development, process improvement, change management and operational transformation initiatives.
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Is Venture Capital The Right Choice For Your Startup? Maybe. Here’s Why

Not every company is one that can be backed by venture capital. Pursuing venture capital investment in your startup is a decision that you’ll make based on your company strategy. If your business requires lots of capital and will need to scale quickly to beat potential competitors to gain market share, then VC financing is...