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Johann Beishline is the founder & CEO of Lezal Marketing where he has helped dozens of small businesses market themselves online. His firm specializes in search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, and conversion optimization. Johann has written for leading publications including Business Insider and Social Media Today. He is constantly improving his marketing skills by running thorough tests and reading dozens of industry publications. Johann loves helping small business owners with their marketing challenges. For free input or to read his latest articles, follow him on Google+ or on Twitter @LeadersWin.
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Are You Committing the Cardinal Sin of PPC Advertising?

Want to hear something fascinating? Google raked in 96% of its $37.9 billion of revenue from pay per click advertising last year. Clearly Internet advertising is a booming industry.      But what’s crazy is that according to Unbounce, 80% of Google’s ad revenues came from advertisers who sent their visitors to untargeted pages. These...