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Prior to co-founding Bowery, John worked at Leitner Group, now BBG, the largest independent appraisal firm in New York City. In his 4 plus years there, he valued over $3 billion of commercial property across all asset types. Frustrated with the antiquated process of appraising, but excited by the need for a better solution, he left to start Bowery with Noah Isaacs and Cesar Devers in June of 2015. John graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in US History. He still aspires to become a chef, a filmmaker, and the first left handed shortstop for the San Francisco Giants.
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How to Choose the Right Business Partner for Your Startup

Successfully taking a seed of an idea, turning it into a product or service, and forming a full-fledged company is based on a series of critical decisions. Who you choose to go on that ride with from the very beginning is not only a crucial decision for the business you’re hoping to build, but for...