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John Baird is a partner at Scotland Debt Solutions and his personal specialities lie within personal finance, particularly Scottish debt rescue and recovery. He has a wide range of experience in personal insolvency and is a seasoned expert in all things insolvency.
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5 Ways to Measure the Financial Health of Your New Business

The slow build-up of debt can contribute to the eventual collapse of a business, and small businesses are struggling now more than ever. Over time, your company may show signs of trouble, eventually moving into a deeper state of financial distress. And if the early signs are not actively addressed, your business can quickly snowball....
Money Management, Startup Capital
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4 Crucial Tips When Applying for Startup Finance

The Process of Applying for Startup Finance Applying for funding or for a loan as a small business or startup presents a variety of challenges to entrepreneurs leading the process. The range of ways in which a startup might be funded is broader than ever but that only makes the way the process is approached...