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John Warrillow is the founder of five companies, and the bestselling author of "Built To Sell: Creating A Business That Can Thrive Without You," which was recognized by both Fortune and Inc. magazines as one of the best books of 2011. His new book is titled "The Automatic Customer: Creating A Subscription Business In Any Industry." A regular contributor to and The Globe and Mail, Warrillow was called one of the “Top Ten Business-To-Business Marketers” by B2B Marketing. Assessing businesses for over 15 years, he shares his expertise in areas ranging from entrepreneurship, sellability and the benefits of subscription-based marketing to build and sustain success.
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Where to Start When Your Growth Stops

Why would two companies in the same industry, with the same financial performance, command vastly different valuations? The answer often comes down to how much each business is likely to grow in the future. The problem is...
Selling Your Company
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4 Traps To Avoid When Selling Your Company

Business owners have been known to refer to due diligence as "the entrepreneur's proctology exam." It's a crude analogy, but a good representation of what it feels like when a stranger pokes, prods and looks...
Recurring Revenue
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The Hierarchy of Recurring Revenue

One of the biggest factors in determining the value of your company is the extent to which an acquirer can see where your sales will come from in the future. If you’re in a business...
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Subscribers Make Your Company More Valuable

Why are Amazon, Apple and many of the most promising Silicon Valley startups leveraging subscribers in a subscription business model? Subscribers not only provide steady revenue, they make your company more valuable in the eyes...
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Why Startups Should Ignore Peter Drucker

The late Peter Drucker – arguably the greatest management thinker of all time – cautioned senior managers to avoid getting stuck with back-office details and to focus instead on the two critical functions of any...
franchise ownership
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Prenups for Startups

If you’re going to start a business with a partner, make sure you talk through all of the big issues before you get into bed together.     By way of an example, let me share...
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How Saying "No" Can Save Your Startup

Recently I saw a speech from Jim Collins, the legendary author of Built to Last, Good to Great and, more recently, How the Mighty Fall. He was yammering on about the importance of building a...