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John Rougeux is Founder of Flag & Frontier, a marketing consultancy that helps startups stand out in crowded markets. He's also a co-host on the B2B Growth Show podcast. John has led marketing at multiple startups, and his work has been featured in Inc., Forbes, and multiple other publications.
brand positioning
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Why Founders Need to Understand Branding vs. Brand Positioning

It’s rare that you come across an entrepreneur who doesn’t want to have a great brand. How they define “brand” is beside the point, because “branding” is a sexy term in marketing. Yet startups that focus just on “brand” are missing half of the picture. There’s another, related concept called “positioning” that’s arguably even more...
pitch deck
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How to Take Your Pitch Deck From Good to Great

What’s the difference between a good and a great B2B pitch deck? A good pitch deck clearly explains your product and what it does. It thoroughly illustrates product features, and it demonstrates how smart and credible your team is. It’s easy to build good B2B pitch decks. There’s just one problem with good pitch decks,...