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Joseph Anthony is a tax professional in Portland, Ore., who writes about finance and tax issues affecting small businesses. © 2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
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Tips for Flips

The f-word has been making a lot of headlines. In early 2007, more foreclosed properties are on the market than in the last 10 years combined. Five years ago, lending rates were low and people...
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Franchises are different from other types of startups for obvious reasons: They offer opportunities to deal in proven products or services, come with well-known or growing brands, have a set business structure and supplier network,...
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Set your Salary as a Startup Business Owner

Kevin McQuire quit his job in California and moved to Illinois in late 2000 to start a language translation company using $15,000 in savings. With health coverage and other benefits provided by his wife’s job,...
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Formal Business Education

You want to start your own company but don’t have a “business” background or education. Do you need it, or can you just learn as you go? Then again, can entrepreneurship really be taught in...
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How to Write an Employee Handbook

Employee handbooks have changed dramatically over the years, evolving from coma-inducing wheezes about pencil disbursement policies and parking spaces, to no-nonsense edicts on 21st century issues like blogging, Internet use statutes and sexual harassment. Handbooks...
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Incorporating a Business Out of State

Malik Lowry, a Detroit-area entrepreneur, is considering incorporating his hip-hop social-networking Web site in Delaware instead of his home state. Lowry expects fast growth for his site,, and hopes for strong profits. While searching...
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Reeling in the Employees You Need

When MediaBistro's Nancy Hwang surveys the thousands of new job descriptions posted to the media jobs Web site each day, she makes mental criticisms: Too bland. Too vague. Too many typos. As associate director of...
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Preparing for the Worst of Nature

A destructive storm swept through Lancaster, N.H., in early 2006, knocking the city’s power supply out cold. It was an unfriendly greeting for Jennifer and Daniel De Moras, who had just moved from Boston to...
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Doing the Right Thing

When you enter Mullanes Bar & Grill in Brooklyn, N.Y., you may not see a familiar face, but you’ll likely see a similar one. Like the city it calls home, the Irish pub reflects diversity...