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Keane Angle, founder of STORY Pitch Decks, helps startups raise funding by creating pitch decks that win the hearts and minds of investors. After a decade-long award-winning career as a Fortune 500 advertising strategist, Keane founded STORY Pitch Decks. Driven by a passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed in a world filled with cluttered communication, Keane balances data and creativity to help his clients tell powerful stories that get results. Keane lives in Rhode Island with his wife and bulldog and is also an avid wildlife enthusiast and accomplished visual artist.
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How Different Startup Sectors Project Revenues and What It Means for Investors

In partnership with ProjectionHub, STORY Pitch Decks researched the best way to project revenue for early-stage startups across B2B and B2C tech, D2C product, and marketplace business models. Financial projections can make or break an investor meeting. Too low, and the opportunity looks too small. Too high, and the investor might lose trust in a...