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Karrie Brady is a seven-figure entrepreneur and an online educator passionate about putting more money in the hands of women everywhere. Dedicated to making the world of entrepreneurship more accessible to her clients, Karrie has helped thousands of women build an online business according to their own rules, personalities, and preferences. At just twenty-five, Karrie has appeared in Forbes, Authority Magazine, and Medium and been featured with Thrive Global and Create & Cultivate. Her book, "Don't Settle For a Seat: You Don't Belong at the Boys' Table-It's Time to Join Successful Women Rewriting the Rules," is available at amazon at https://amzn.to/3jMnR5S.
emotional intelligence
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Harnessing Your Emotional Intelligence as a Female Entrepreneur

Women in the workforce hear it all the time: “You’re so emotional.” It’s a criticism levied at women (usually from men who are afraid to express their own feelings). The subtext is: “You’re too emotional to lead, to make levelheaded decisions, to be a grown-up.” It’s infantilizing, damaging and, worst of all, aims at our...