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Kelley Higney is the founder of Bug Bite Thing, partnering alongside her mother, Ellen McAlister. After relocating to South Florida, Kelley was unprepared for how mosquitos would impact her family’s quality of life. Determined to find a solution, Kelley discovered a product that uses suction to eliminate the irritant and provide instant relief. Wanting to offer the life-changing product to other families, Kelley and Ellen appeared on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank.” After receiving offers from all of the Sharks, they decided to strike a deal with Lori Greiner. Bug Bite Thing is Amazon’s #1 selling product for insect bite relief, available on the company’s website, and at select retailers. Prior to starting Bug Bite Thing, Kelley worked for 15 years in her family’s international export and distribution business. Kelley hopes to inspire other mompreneurs to pursue their dreams and start their own business. Learn more at Bug Bite Thing.
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Growing up in San Diego, California, I was unprepared for how mosquitos would impact my family’s quality of life when we relocated to South Florida. My young daughter and I were constantly suffering from mosquito...