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Kelly Ann Collins is the founder of Vult Lab where she works with startups, social entrepreneurs, nonprofits and companies on social media and communications strategies. She's also the co-founder, president and CMO at Kittr, Inc., a software company that's redefining the way organizations, influencers and enterprises post to social media with intelligent social media tools that use machine learning to amplify engagement. Ms. Collins has worked on initiatives involving brands you know and love, like Jamba Juice, Easter Seals, Conservation International, Starbucks, HP, Adobe, Disney and Prince William's Royal Foundation.
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5 Ways To Jumpstart Your Startup’s Social Media Strategy

Launching a startup is exciting, but wearing many hats can be both exhilarating and draining—because it’s hard to juggle 10 jobs and be the master of them all. Some tasks are easier than others, but one of these hats, social media, is a pain point for many entrepreneurs. The way we communicate with potential customers...