Kenneth Burke

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Kenneth is the vice president of marketing for Text Request, a business text messaging software. He has written more than 1,000 articles on business growth, and helped companies from prelaunch startups to billion-dollar businesses achieve their goals. He's also a champion for Chattanooga, TN, and always open to a new book recommendation.
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How to Build an SEO Juggernaut with Blog Content

Search engine optimization is a mysterious and powerful creature, but you can master it by consistently following a few fundamental concepts. When you apply these concepts to your blog content, you’ll create an SEO juggernaut...
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Starting Up: Which Type of Business is Best for You?

Despite what you might see in the news, entrepreneurs aren’t just software developers, hip millennials and venture capitalists. Entrepreneurs are neighbors, parents, activists, dreamers and all sorts of people willing to burn the midnight oil...