Kenn Gudbergsen

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Kenn Gudbergsen is the CEO and co-founder of TrainAway, a Copenhagen-based startup that enables busy travelers to access gyms and fitness facilities across the world, on a pay-when-you-train basis. The app has partnered with gyms in over 800 cities across 45 countries to allow travelers to stay active while they are far away from home. The company was born out of Gudbergsen’s own desire to keep fit while traveling.
navigating pandemic
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Lessons Learned from Navigating a Startup Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

With many countries already reopening parts of their economy, it seems that the global sentiment toward the future of the COVID-19 pandemic has become more hopeful. However, dealing with the pandemic hasn’t been easy for most startups, especially those in industries directly affected by lockdown measures, such as air travel and fitness-related companies. Compared to...