Kent Gustavson and Randy Baker

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Randy Baker, a 40-year business veteran, brings his hands-on and sometimes folksy approach to disrupting industries, including aerospace and the early Internet, to you. From selling fish, to being held for ransom, surviving polio and rubbing elbows with the giants of industry, he has lived nine lives, and has a story for every situation. His story-centric, dynamic approach has allowed him to change the world in substantive ways. He is now offering to guide you as you transform into an extraordinary entrepreneur. Kent Gustavson, PhD is a multi-award-winning writer, journalist, designer and entrepreneur. His disruptive models for publishing, branding, curriculum design and podcasting have assisted thousands of experts develop their thought leadership across industries. He is an innovator in education technology, and has been an influencer for two decades, with half a billion views on his social profiles.