Kyle Gantzer

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As a proponent of lean software development, Kyle is a specialist at rapid prototyping and MVP (minimum viable product) development. He works with companies and entrepreneurs to create products and bring ideas to life through technology.
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What Non-Technical Founders Need to Know About Hiring Developers

Non-technical founders have built remarkable technology companies and products, which means that they were somehow able to lead teams of technical experts. If you are one such founder, the most pressing question on your mind may not be how to run a team of engineers, but how to hire one. After all, if you don’t...
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How Non-Technical Startup Founders Can Thrive

Five years ago, it was nearly impossible for a non-technical entrepreneur to get into mobile app or software development of any kind without a technical partner. Of course some did so successfully, but for your traditional bootstrapped startup, it was essential that the founding team be able to knock out the first iteration of code....