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Laura L. Guillaume is a serial entrepreneur and author. She focuses on enabling budding entrepreneurs to succeed in new business ventures. She has created a toolset of materials to help them plan, execute, operate, and eventually exit, a business endeavor. Laura has created her new venture, Think it Thru, to assist her in accomplishing her latest business goal: giving back to other entrepreneurs. Think it Thru is a company built to teach, encourage and assist startup business ventures on the road to success. Prior to Think it Thru, she spent a number of years at SCORE assisting entrepreneurs. Learn more about her at, and purchase Laura's Think It Thru Business Journal here.
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5 Step Process for Turning a Hobby Into a Side Hustle

Many successful entrepreneurs started by taking a hobby and turning it into a side hustle. That side hustle can eventually turn into a bona fide business. But where do you even start? StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings on Dell products and accessories: Learn more here 5 steps to turn your hobby into a side hustle...
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Think it Through: The First 3 Steps to Business Planning

The following is adapted from “Think it Thru: Business Planning,” available at select bookstores and on Amazon. The book has a corresponding Learning Management System (LMS) with additional tools and resources. "Think it Thru" proceeds go toward funding assistance for small businesses. The first step to becoming an entrepreneur is realizing how much you do...
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How to Develop Big Brand Impact on a Small Budget

Today’s marketing landscape looks an awful lot like a war zone. Consumers are barraged every moment of their waking hours with brands logos, taglines and jingles, all amidst the struggle to stand out. Companies masquerade their advertisements as social media posts, articles or infomercials. This brand bombardment has consumers hiding, driven to pay for premium...