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Lexie Lu is a web designer and UX content strategist. She enjoys covering topics related to UX design, web design, social media and branding. Feel free to subscribe to her design blog, Design Roast.
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How to Prepare Your Startup for the Year Ahead in 2020

Most entrepreneurs dream big in the beginning, envisioning a company that not only meets but exceeds expectations. While the sky is the limit, you'll only make it there if you prepare yourself ahead of time and have a firm grasp on what it takes to succeed as a modern-day entrepreneur. After five years, about 50...
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How Your Brick-and-Mortar Business Can Remain Competitive in an Online World

With so much competition from online behemoths like Amazon and Walmart, smaller businesses may wonder how they'll ever survive. The retail market space and its competition are no longer composed of just those stores within a local radius. Entrepreneurs are now competing with sellers nationwide that order in bulk and offer deep discounts. Add Amazon...
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8 Signs Your Startup Will Fail Within the First 5 Years (and How to Avoid it)

You're finally ready to launch the business you've dreamt about for years. You have a real passion for what you're doing. Unfortunately, that may not be enough to succeed. The first few years of business are like the honeymoon phase: You're excited about the possibilities and busy learning the ropes. Failure rates are lower during...
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What Does it Take to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign?

What are your startup's goals for Q3 and Q4 of this year? Realizing any of them requires marketing greatness — and marketing greatness requires a plan. Today’s marketing world requires a new expertise and familiarity with digital tools and online platforms. Let’s take a look at six of the components of a successful startup marketing...