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LinkedIn Jobs is rated #1 by customers in delivering quality hires. Personalized targeting, screening questions, and powerful matching algorithms help you find the right people for your business.
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How to Identify High Potential Candidates with Behavioral Interview Questions

Why behavioral interview questions matter Great businesses are built on people. People who not only have the right skills and experience, but who have the potential to do great things in the role, the team and in the company. However, screening candidates for potential is the toughest part of an interview. Oftentimes, you assess someone’s...
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7 Tips for Writing a Strong Job Description on LinkedIn

Crafting a job description that attracts quality candidates is tricky. That’s why we analyzed the way millions of job seekers interact with job posts on LinkedIn and provided seven powerful tactics to help you write stronger job descriptions. POST A JOB: Get $50 off when you post your first job on LinkedIn Tip 1: Keep...