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Following four years of study in science and psychology, Lydia was as surprised as anyone when she landed a great job in the finance industry after graduation. A very successful six-year career in marketing and sales with a leading mutual fund company taught her how to make her way in a fast-paced, competitive and often harsh environment. With a passion for understanding people and how to build on one’s natural strengths and struggles, Lydia spent much of her time doing business presentations for her clients on how to get the most from their team, prospects and self. Lydia came to ChicExecs after moving to California in early 2012. She was drawn to the company’s clear focus on ethics, respect and the belief that every idea has merit and with the right team behind it, the recipe for success.
market fit
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4 Steps to Scale Your Business by Fine-Tuning Your Product-Market Fit

In the exciting rush of developing a product and creating a company, founders don’t always remember a critical ingredient for starting a business: your audience. Unfortunately, not every business finds the right audience to fit their offering. They get so excited to build a solution that they don’t consider the problems they should solve for...
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Here’s How Differences By Generation Influence Buyer Decision-Making

Today, the retail industry is adjusting to online-first shopping habits​, but it’s also trying to balance new buyer attitudes. Retail has evolved because people have evolved. While Baby Boomers may shop one way, Gen Z is completely different. Learn how each generation prefers to shop and how you can use this information to transform your...