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Marco Terry is the managing director of Commercial Capital LLC. Commercial Capital offers factoring, purchase order financing and asset-based financing to small businesses in the USA and Canada.
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5 Ways to Fund Your Startup Without Giving Up Equity

The press tends to glamorize equity investments, and as a result, venture capital investments get plenty of press coverage. Startup founders are often hailed as heroes when they secure a round of funding. The reality behind the scenes is more complex. By selling a piece of your company, you surrender some control (and future gains)...
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How to Grow Your Startup by Acquiring a Business

Most startups focus their growth efforts by finding a way to grow their business organically. They use innovative marketing tactics, often called growth hacks, to gain customers quickly. While organic growth is usually the best way to grow a startup, you can also grow your business by acquiring competitors. Buying your competitors can be an...
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How to Use Payroll Financing to Grow Your Business

Every business has one or more growth bottlenecks. For successful service-oriented startups, the bottleneck is often their biggest expense: payroll. The employee side Consider a service company experiencing a growth phase. Initially, things appear to go well. The startup is adding clients and deploying staff to service those clients. Eventually, though, the company reaches a...
growth hacking
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4 Growth Hacking Tactics to Boost Your Startup’s Sales

Growth hacking is the process of experimenting across the marketing funnel to improve sales. The key word is “experimenting.” In order to be a successful growth hacker, you must adopt an experimenter’s mentality and adhere to the following principles: Nothing is set in stone Design and test all your ideas Measure results If results are...
Cash flow
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6 Ways to Improve the Cash Flow of Your Business

Unfortunately, most startups experience cash flow problems at one time or another. In some of these cases, cash flow problems could have been prevented if the business owner had taken some steps ahead of time. Below, find six ways that you can improve your cash flow and prevent future problems. Invoice properly and use an acceptance...
Inventory Financing
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Inventory Financing: Is it right for your business?

Is Inventory Financing Right for Your Startup? Inventory is one of the most difficult things to manage for a startup or small business. It requires a delicate balance between your cash flow and your products. Mistakes are usually expensive. Too much inventory ties up valuable cash flow in unsold stock or raw materials that just...
Line of Credit
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Line of Credit: Advantages, Disadvantages & More

Is a Line of Credit the Right Solution for Your Startup? Running into cash flow problems from time to time is part the process of running a startup. Sales growth is never orderly and can happen in spurts. These inconsistencies can be hard to manage and often leave you cash-strapped, without enough money to pay...
Government Contracts
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Should Your Startup Bid for Government Contracts?

Government Contracts: Could your business be ready for them? Few of the startups I have spoken to during my career ever think about bidding for government contracts. Some founders view government contracts as time-consuming and boring. Others prefer not to try, simply because they think the bidding process is tedious and full of red tape....
International Business
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Going International? Is your business ready?

Should Your Startup Grow Internationally? Most startups focus their limited resources on trying to grow their client base in their home country. This strategy makes sense. In general, these clients are often easier to get and to service. However, there are benefits to getting clients internationally. In my case, it provided many benefits including faster...
business idea
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Need a Business Idea for Your Startup? Try This Method!

Try this method if you need a business idea This article teaches you a method to generate a viable business idea. One of my greatest challenges when I started my company was coming up with the actual business concept. I knew I wanted to start a business but did not have a specific concept in...
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Finance Your Startup: Seven Realistic Ways

Looking for a way to finance your startup? One of your highest priorities as an entrepreneur is getting your new business funded. Without funds, you won’t be able launch and execute your business. So how do you finance your startup? The funding process is inherently difficult and can be challenging for some. However, you can...
Working a Regular Job
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How to Run a Startup While Working a Regular Job

Launching your start up while working a regular job Many entrepreneurs launch their startups while they work a day-job for another company. This arrangement offers them the flexibility to earn a salary while also allowing them to focus on their venture. While this situation is ideal, it’s difficult to manage. It requires a very delicate...
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Are you ready to quit your job and launch your company?

Steps to consider BEFORE you quit your job and launch your company One of the biggest challenges for most entrepreneurs, especially those with established careers, is quitting their job to launch a startup. The transition from a steady paying job to an uncertain startup can be difficult for many entrepreneurs. However, managing this transition correctly...