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Mark Amtower is a Senior Partner at Amtower & Company. He can be found at
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Free Market Research for Selling to the Government

I usually counsel against using the word “free” when talking about the government market, but there is some good, free research that you can do on your own, and it will pay dividends. In fact, there is freely available, useful information available on most government web sites that can help you when selling to the...
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So, You Want to Sell Services to the Government?

While the debate on “government outsourcing” (the use of government contractors for “inherently governmental” work) goes on, the use of contractors in these roles grows. There just are not enough personnel in the government to do all the things that need to get done, and not enough to get them done well. The key steps...
B2G product marketing
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B2G Product Marketing – Your Company Website

Let’s assume you have mapped out the products you are going to sell to the government. And let’s assume you have defined how you are going sell to the government (e.g., the type of contracts, or through open market sales). How do you market to the largest buyer in the world? Where do you start?...
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Securing Government Micro-Purchases

The Federal government purchases virtually every business product and service imaginable. Most people assume that government contracts are required for each of these purchases, but for the past thirty years, there has been an exception to this: micro-purchases. Government Micro-Purchases Since 1988, the United States Federal government has used credit cards for small purchases, known...
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Get Started in Government Contracting with GSA Schedules

Interested in securing contracts from the government? Don’t know where to start? Then try thinking about GSA Schedules! GSA Schedules - An Overview The ubiquitous GSA Schedule (aka, having a “GSA number”), in fact, is probably the most recognizable Federal contract. The GSA Schedule ( is a government-wide federal contract (GWAC in B2G parlance). It...
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Getting Started in the Business-to-Government Market

There are several reasons companies are attracted to the Business-to-Government (B2G) market. First, government at all levels (federal, state, local, education) buy every type of legitimate business product or service imaginable. Second, the government pays its bills. Third, the Feds always have more money and they never spend less of your money.     It’s time...