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Mark Aselstine is the founder and proprietor of the Uncorked Ventures Wine Club, an online wine club and gift basket business based in the San Francisco Bay Area. A husband and father of two boys, he's interested in politics, sports, parenting, insane housing market appreciation and, of course, food and wine.
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Bootstrapping 201: How to Save Money on Basic Business Necessities

When it comes to starting a business, we don’t hear as much in the media about bootstrapping. After all, venture capital is more interesting, right? That’s where unicorns get created. That’s where sales might increase 1,000 percent in a quarter. In the entirety of 2017, there were about 11,000 total VC investments made worldwide, according...
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Using HARO for Free Public Relations: A Startup Guide

My journey to using HARO effectively started because of an observation. Some of my newer competitors that have come onto the scene have venture backing and that comes with significant PR resources. They saw huge jumps in sales immediately at launch, and there were mentioned on the likes of Hubspot, Buzzfeed and Mashable, purely from...