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Maureen Brogie is a senior advisor at InsuranceBee, a provider of small business insurance. Maureen holds a BS in Finance and is a licensed property and casualty agent in 40 states. Following a career break to raise her twin daughters, Maureen joined InsuranceBee in 2011 and now heads up a busy team of client advisors.
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Would Your Startup Survive a Cyberattack?

A cyberattack can instantly cause significant harm to a business. But the chance of a startup being hit is slim. So why bother with robust precautionary measures. Right?  Wrong. Cybercriminals aren’t picky about who they target and, with fewer resources to protect themselves, smaller businesses are actually more likely to be a victim. You might...
small business big risks
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Small Business, Big Risks: A Guide to Protecting Your Startup

Not taking risk seriously can stop your startup in its tracks. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the chance a business will make it through the first year is 80 percent. As time goes on, the likelihood of failure increases. Less than a third will still be open after 10 years. How many...
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Don’t Leave Your Startup Vulnerable to a Cyberattack

With companies becoming more and more reliant on connected technologies, it’s no surprise cyberattacks are on the rise. Although many entrepreneurs are aware of the increase in cybercrime, what they're not aware of is the cost associated with recovering from an attack, putting them in a vulnerable position financially. Startups, which are less likely to...
side hustles insurance
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Side Hustles Can Be Risky Business: Here’s How to Protect Yours

Millennials are embracing the side hustle. And why wouldn’t they, when on average, a side hustle can bring in $8,000 a year? The majority of side hustles don’t cost a lot to get off the ground and provide a great way to supplement an existing income. However, they can be risky business. Why? Because side hustlers’...
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5 Side Hustles That Need Liability Coverage

Millennials are leading the charge when it comes to the side hustle. More than half of U.S. millennials are making extra cash operating a side hustle, while a recent study from Bentley University revealed that 66 percent of millennials have a desire to start their own business. Starting off with a side hustle while still...
tax preparer
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4 Considerations for Choosing the Right Tax Preparer

Taxes can be taxing for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Thankfully, tax season is nearly done and dusted, but looming on the horizon are potential changes to the way in which taxes will need to be filed once the GOP tax reform comes into full effect. As well as aiming to make the process of...