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Megan Yelaney is a business coach who specializes in helping online coaches get booked out with high ticket clients and scale to six figures. She resides in New York, is a travel junkie, and encourages every entrepreneur to embrace their #prettyawkward moments to build their business and their brand!
free workshop
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How to Launch Your Product or Service Using a Free Workshop

When you are just starting your business, a great way to get new clients and create more awareness is simply by putting your skills out there. It can seem terrifying to do this for the first time, but the payoff is essential for the growth of your business. No matter what your business is, there’s...
passive income
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3 Ways to Generate Passive Income as an Entrepreneur

Passive income is a very big buzzword these days in the entrepreneurial world, and for good reason. It’s essentially a stream of income that doesn’t require an exchange of your time (once your method is established, of course). The thing about this sales method is that many don’t realize that it takes a good amount...