Melissa Gilbo and Amy Pocsik

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Melissa Gilbo is co-founder of the Women’s Business League. From the baseball field to a business meeting, Melissa cares deeply about relationships. For 20 years, Melissa worked in the insurance industry helping clients protect what matters most to them. She’s a firm believer that developing partnerships, establishing connections, and strengthening community ties are all crucial to success. Melissa is most passionate about helping women reach their next level, with a knack for creating opportunities and a flair for marketing campaigns. Amy Pocsik is Melissa's co-founder. Engaging conversation sets her soul on fire, and was her impetus for launching the Women’s Business League. A CPA for nearly a decade, Amy understands what it takes to grow a successful organization, and believes wholeheartedly that every business is an opportunity to pump positivity into the world. Her passion is helping female founders recognize what’s possible — a highly profitable business that aligns with their purpose. She believes that a well-built business is the foundation for entrepreneurial creativity and growth.