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Michael J. McFall is the Everyman CEO. Mike doesn’t have a yacht or an MBA, and you won’t hear him talking about being disruptive, leveraging assets or changing paradigms. He is, however, the founder of Global Orange Development and the co-CEO of BIGGBY COFFEE®, a fast-growing $100-million-dollar coffee franchise with 250+ locations across the Midwest. At a time when there’s a lot of confident-sounding startup advice from academics or ultra-wealthy tycoons, Mike’s remarkable life journey from minimum-wage barista to business leader has given him a very different outlook. His perspective on business—shaped spending the last 23 years helping hundreds of people open and operate successful coffee shops—provides a much-needed road map for today’s entrepreneurs so they can turn their ideas into a profitable reality.
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This $100 Million Biggby Coffee Empire Co-CEO Shares the Secret to Turning an Idea Into a Positive-Cash Flow Business

This excerpt appears in "Grind: A No-Bullsh*t Approach to Take Your Business from Concept to Cash Flow," written by BIGGBY COFFEE® co-CEO Mike McFall. For more information, visit grindthebook.com. Be patient with the results but aggressive in execution! If I have learned one thing in my career, it’s that nothing happens as quickly as I...